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Cake Smash Fox Photo shoot

Cake smash – beautiful babes make a beautiful mess

If you haven’t heard about ‘cake smash’ already, it’s time you did. The U.S. cake smash craze has reached Blighty’s shores and UK parents are embracing the latest kids’ birthday trend, which offers a fun twist on the birthday cake tradition. Cake smash is also the latest birthday activity to provide a perfect photo opportunity for little ones. Get prepared for some sticky cake fun....
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Luxurious Wedding Cakes

4 weird and wonderful wedding cake facts

Weddings are beautiful things and so are the cakes that celebrate them. No wedding is complete without one. Special days deserve very special cakes. At Cakes by Robin we love designing and making beautiful wedding cakes, so we’ve made it our business to know everything there is to know about the wedding cake tradition. Here are some of the weird and wonderful facts about wedding...
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Harry Potter - Props Cake

I dreamed I was going to a school for wizards

“I dreamed a giant called Hagrid came to tell me I was going to a school for wizards. When I open my eyes I’ll be at home in my cupboard.” On waking “Harry scrambled to his feet, so happy he felt as though a large balloon was swelling inside him.” Hagrid was in fact asleep on the sofa and an owl was tapping on the...
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