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My little brother’s wedding cake

Having been a little busy recently with wedding cake season in full swing, my blog updates have been somewhat infrequent. However my brother got married this weekend and what better excuse to put finger to keyboard than to show a picture of his stunning four tier wedding cake which successfully made the three hour trip from London to Wiltshire. They choose a four tier round...
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Traditional Christmas Cake

Coca Cola Christmas cakes?!

So I have been asked to do one of those things where you wonder if you are using a product just for the sake of it to the detriment of taste and perhaps good taste! I have eaten pork cooked in Coke a la Nigella Lawson and it was surprisingly delicious-sticky, spicy and sweet which was perfect with the meat but I've never considered putting...
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Fab fruit cake recipe!

Mmmmmm.....fruit cake! Now call me old fashioned but I really think that fruit cake still has a place at the modern wedding. The spicy, moist, brandy soaked fruit snuggled next to delicious fat cherries should not simply be cast aside because the youth of today prefer a contemporary chocolate number. Even if you don’t like to eat it, I am a firm believer in the...
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