Cake Flavours and Fillings

Creating bespoke birthday cakes in London for over 10 years has put us in a prime position to report on the current trends in cake flavours and fillings. Usually, reports on cake trends tend to focus on decoration, but once the initial ‘wow’ moment has passed, it’s the inside of the cake that counts! Over the years taste has evolved from classics such as fruit cakes to newer inventions, such as rainbow cakes, and each is a delicious choice in its own right.

Here we run through the top cake flavours and fillings we offer, in order of popularity, at our cake shop. To order a birthday cake from our cake shop, take a look here for more information on our bespoke service.  

These cake flavours and fillings are all available as Cakes by Robin iced cakes, cupcakes and patisserie cakes.


Our Top Cake Flavours and Fillings


1. Vanilla Victoria sponge

The classic cake from our childhood. A vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. Sometimes overlooked for more modern flavours, but a simple and delicious choice that’s popular with children and adults alike.





2. Chocolate fudge

A light chocolate sponge with a delicious fudgy chocolate filling. A steadfast and timeless flavour that’s popular with children and adults and children alike. This is the birthday cake choice for the chocoholic in your life.





3. Lemon drizzle

Lip-smackingly good. We complement a yummy lemon sponge with tangy lemon curd and lemon buttercream, with lots of real lemon zest for extra lemony-ness! This one’s a lemon lover’s paradise.






4. Carrot cake

A spicy carrot cake with cinnamon topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting. A moist, textured cake that is sure to delight.




5. Marble cake

A mixture of vanilla and chocolate sponge topped and sandwiched with a vanilla bean buttercream. No need to choose between traditional vanilla or chocolate cake, our marble cake combines let’s you have both!





Red Velvet Cake

7. Red velvet

This American classic is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla with a cream cheese frosting and a bright eye-catching red colour. It’s sumptuous, delicious and looks stunning. 




8. Fruit cake

A rich mature fruit cake packed with nuts, fruit, plump cherries and brandy. A traditional and comforting choice to please a crowd. 





Rainbow Cake

9. Rainbow cake (£40 surcharge per size)

Layers of rainbow-coloured vanilla sponge cake sandwiched with vanilla buttercream. A real joy to slice your cake and see what’s inside!

10. Sticky Toffee

An autumn classic which is also delicious all year round. A toffee sponge topped with a toffee flavoured buttercream. Our favourite flavour!

11. Coffee and walnut

A light coffee sponge with walnut pieces sandwiched with a rich coffee buttercream

12. Gluten Free

Cakes by Robin can also offer gluten free cakes. Get in touch to find out more.

Ordering your bespoke cake 


At Cakes by Robin we love creating eccentric and amazing cakes. Let your imagination go wild. Once you are set on your cake flavour and filling, get in touch to discuss your ideas and we’ll get set baking you something special.





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