• Are we able to personalise our wedding cake?

Absolutely. During our wedding cake consultation we talk about any specific ideas you may have including colour schemes you would like, any particular sugar flowers you may want to adorn your cake etc.

    • Help! We’ve changed plans and need a cake at short notice! Can you help?

We can guarantee a cake if we have a minimum of 2 weeks notice but if for any reason you don’t have the luxury of time on your side we suggest you give us a call as depending on our cake schedule we may be able to fit last minute requests in. We do advise early booking to avoid disappointment though!

    • Do you deliver?

Yes. We can deliver your cake order to any location in or around London.

    • Is there any delivery charge for our cake?

Delivery charges are applicable for all deliveries based on the delivery location post code. As an example, a delivery to the W1 post code area costs £25. There is an incremental supplementary charge for distances outside of London. Please ask us for an individual quote for a delivery charge to your area.

    • Is there a minimum order for the cupcakes and miniature cakes?

Yes. A minimum order of 12 cakes or cupcakes is applicable

    • I’d like to have different flavours for each tier of my wedding cake. Is this possible?

Of course. More and more couples opt for different flavour tiers to maximise on the scrumptious flavours of cake they can enjoy on the big day!

    • Can we organise a cake tasting session?

Yes. During the wedding cake consultation we offer you will have the chance to test our wedding cake flavours

    • I have seen a design of wedding cake in a magazine. Can you create a similar one for me?

Definitely. Feel free to show Robin any photo you have or describe what you have seen and she will sit down with you to design the ultimate wedding cake for you

    • I suffer from coeliac disease and can only eat gluten free products. Can I have a gluten free cake?

Yes. We offer gluten free cakes in our portfolio and are happy to discuss any dietary requirements you, or your guests may have

    • We’re not sure how big a wedding cake we need. Can you advise us?

Absolutely. We can speak to you about the number of guests you have and how many people a certain size cake will feed and you can decide from there

    • I’m not sure what sort of wedding cake I would like. Can you give me any inspiration?

Definitely. Check out our cakes portfolio as well as our individual cake pages and if you need more inspiration follow our cakes blog to see what designs other people have chosen



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