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Dinosaur Cakes - Birthday Cake for Victor

Roar-some dinosaur cakes for dino-obsessed little ones

Who isn’t fascinated by dinosaurs? From around 230 million years ago, these spectacular animals (or to be factually correct, reptiles) ruled our planet for more than 160 million years! Kids love learning about these awesome creatures and the different prehistoric periods, as well as mastering the long names. It amazes me how they remember all of this stuff! Needless to say, dinosaur-themed parties are a...
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Budget Birthday Cakes - Animals

Psst, we can make wow-factor cakes on a budget!

Budget and bespoke don’t often go together. But in the Cakes by Robin cake parlour we are masters at creating cost-effective cakes for all budgets. Our brilliant cake designers are experts at designing cakes that are beautifully simple and yet still have the wow factor any celebration cake is worthy of. Of course, we can do hugely elaborate and decadent too. But if you are...
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No Foundant Cake

Fondant free fancies for a delicious no fondant cake experience

Love cake, but not a great lover of fondant icing? You may be wondering how on earth you will be able to make your celebration cake look as good without fondant. At Cakes by Robin we use all types of icing to finish our delicious cakes according to the tastes of our clients. You’ll be pleased to hear that we have some great tricks up...
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