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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Corporate Cake

The kookie world of corporate cakes

Corporate event management is a serious business, and the corporate event industry in the UK is huge. From conferences to educational seminars and product launches, event managers up and down the country are always on the lookout for ways to make attendees remember their event more vividly than the last. Welcome to the kookie world of corporate cakes. The perfect way to mark an occasion,...
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London transport themed birthday cake

Every Cake Matters: Transport for London in Cake Form

London has one of the largest urban transport systems in the world. From the infamous London Underground  - the Tube - to London’s iconic red buses and black cabs, everyone identifies with these forms of transport as a means of getting into and around London. London Transport evokes some memory in everyone, young and old. Going to your favourite museum, seeing a theatre show in...
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Sony Playstation corporate cake

Sony Playstation 20th Anniversary cake

  As a huge internationally known brand, what do you do to celebrate your 20th anniversary? Whatever you choose needs to be memorable, social media friendly and relevant to the brand. Now in our line of business, obviously we think corporate cake are the perfect tool with which to achieve maximum impact. Who doesn't like cake especially when it's as cool as this! Playstation EU...
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