No Fondant Cakes

If you’re not a fan of icing yet and are unsure about the cake options left open to you, look no further than the No Fondant Allowed cakes we have! The Cakes by Robin No Fondant Allowed cakes are beautifully finished and taste just as delicious as their iced counterparts but quite simply, are not covered with icing. As visually striking as any other cake, the fondant free cakes are skillfully decorated with buttercream for a polished finish that looks just as smooth as if they had been covered with icing.

While fondant may be useful for intricate and delicate cake designs and be a wonderfully decorative topping for a cake, quite often it is the bit left uneaten on your guests’ plates. We don’t think you always need to use fondant for a flawless exterior and our decorators are able to create that fondant-smooth look using delicious buttercream as we get an increasing number of requests for cakes without fondant.

Ideal for wedding cakes as well as other celebration cakes, cakes without fondant are more and more popular with those looking for a modern twist to their cakes.

Take a look at our recent fondant free cakes and get in touch with your own ideas!



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