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Jasmine and Aladdin cake

Genie-us birthday cakes

Why not have all of your birthday cake wishes come true with a spectacular cake creation showcasing the Disney classic, Aladdin? Our genie-us team make birthday cakes filled with fantasy and topped with your favourite fun characters, including the loveable street urchin Aladdin and his monkey Abu, the gorgeous Princess Jasmine, the fun-loving genie and even the evil sorcerer, Jafar. Aladdin’s classic animation has been...
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Minecraft TNT cake image

Endless possibilities with our Minecraft Cakes

Just like the brilliant kids’ computer game, there are as many endless possibilities when it comes to our bespoke Minecraft cakes. There’s no one way to play Minecraft and there are no rules with our cakes. We love a blank canvas in the Cake Parlour and are always excited to create cakes with a personal story behind them. Why not have a birthday cake to...
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Cakes that move - featured image

Cakes that move!

At Cakes by Robin, we love to make showstopping cakes that don’t just taste great, but look fantastic too. Our brilliant cake designers are always looking for ways to make you say wow, and what better way to show off than a cake that moves? We’ve recently made a few of these fascinating cakes, each with their own special twist worked into the design to...
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