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Indian elephant wedding cake by Cakes by Robin

5 Creative Cake Themes To Brighten Up Any Day

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other milestone, a well-decorated cake makes for a fantastic centrepiece of every type of celebration. After all, we can all find joy in watching a little one’s eyes light up at the sight of their favourite colours swirling around in icing, or seeing Mum’s delight as she approaches a cake donning her favourite peonies. Cakes are...
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Matilda cake scene image

3 Of The Best Cake-Based Film Scenes

Every now and again there comes around a film which involves cake like no other. Whether it be Bruce Bogtrotter stuffing his face in Matilda or the infamous apple pie incident during Apple Pie, cake has frequently been used in films to add a certain something to the picture. Join us as we take a detailed look at three films to have done exactly that,...
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3 Cakes - Quarantine.

Dreaming of Dessert: How to Get Through Lockdown

As the routine of self-isolation begins to normalise and the initial uncertainty behind the UK’s lockdown starts to settle, now is the ideal time to think of how to celebrate once this period is over. While we may all be dreaming of the day we can meet up with friends and embrace our loved ones again, health simply must come first at this time. But...
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