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Pink Circus Unicorn Cake - 5th Birthday

Mummy, are unicorns real?

Skipping through the fields close to the forest, you catch a glimpse of something shiny and white. It looks like a beautiful horse. But it has a horn jutting from its forehead. Could it really be a unicorn? As you move closer, the creature leaps in the air and glitter in a rainbow of colours falls all around you. It really is a unicorn. Welcome...
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Guess How Much I Love You Cake

Guess how much I love you?

Showing your little ones just how much you love them is something you do as a parent every single day. And nearly every parent will have enjoyed reading Sam McBratney’s story, Guess How Much I Love You? And that’s why ‘Guess how much I love you?’ is the perfect theme for your little ones earliest birthday parties or for a christening celebration. Who doesn’t love...
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woodland theme party inspiration

Children’s Woodland Party Inspiration

Every year as my daughter's birthday party approaches, I get a mixture of excitement and apprehension about what we are going to do. The main concern is whether I'll be able to persuade her not to have a Frozen themed party. I think she's growing out of it now as this didn't take as long as previous years! We decided on a Woodland Adventure Party...
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