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Sony Playstation corporate cake

Sony Playstation 20th Anniversary cake

  As a huge internationally known brand, what do you do to celebrate your 20th anniversary? Whatever you choose needs to be memorable, social media friendly and relevant to the brand. Now in our line of business, obviously we think corporate cake are the perfect tool with which to achieve maximum impact. Who doesn't like cake especially when it's as cool as this! Playstation EU...
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Cupcakes, Julia Boggio, photo shoot

Themed cupcakes-Julia Boggio and Breast Cancer Care

  We were super chuffed to be asked to design some cupcakes for a photo shoot by Julia Boggio and her Home by Midnight brand for Breast Cancer Care. The models were wearing beautiful dresses by Lady Vintage London and our cupcakes were based on the dress designs-cute idea and we loved how they turned out and featured in the final shot above.   Katy...
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Maria De Faci London Wedding Photographer

Dorney Court-a beautiful wedding venue 30 mins from London

What can we say about this shoot? If we were only allowed three words, they’d be ‘We love it’! However there is no such restriction so forgive us for going on about it, but it simply was such an amazing shoot to work on. We were asked to be part of it by Bergdorf and Green who specialise in styling shoots at venues around London....
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