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Cakes at any event instantly makes it more special and memorable, and if you’re hosting a corporate event, it’s no different. Cakes show that you’ve made the extra effort and custom cakes are the perfect way to show off your creativity, because you can be sure you’re not going to have the same cake for every event. Whatever the purpose of your corporate event, a cake is something that will delight everyone attending – here are a few of the benefits of choosing a custom-made corporate cake over an off-the-shelf option.

A delicious treat for your guests

Whether you’re inviting employees, customers or potential clients, corporate cakes are the perfect way to offer a delicious treat for your guests to savour while they’re attending. Custom cakes can be made in any flavour, size or design you can think of, so you can make sure they’re in keeping with the theme of the event or decorate them with your branding, while also providing a tasty snack that you know they’ll enjoy.

Add personality to your event

What better way to show off your brand’s unique personality than with a custom cake? From your brand’s logo and colours to slogans for product launches or marketing campaigns, you can decorate a custom cake in any way you choose, which gives you a platform to really showcase what makes your brand different. It adds a personal touch that your guests are sure to remember, which is precisely what you want from any event.

Can be used for any occasion

The beauty of a custom cake, whether you choose a large cake to share or individual cupcakes, is that it can be tailored to your event. You might be putting on an event to say thank you to your staff for their hard work throughout the year, or maybe you have a new product you’re launching and need your cakes to promote the name or the look of the product. Your business might be celebrating an anniversary, or someone in the company may be getting a promotion or retiring – the options are endless.

A wide array of flavours and fillings

There are so many flavours and fillings you can choose from, as well as gluten-free or vegan cakes, for the perfect sweet treat that’s as delicious as it looks. You’re guaranteed to be able to create a dessert table that satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth, from classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate to something more unusual such as marble cake, sticky toffee or a vibrant rainbow cake.

A cost-effective marketing tool

Custom-cakes may be pricier than an off-the-shelf boxed cake, but they’re certainly an affordable form of advertising that people are sure to remember. As your guests eat, they’ll be reminded of your brand, the logos and products you’re promoting, and it can work wonders to effortlessly pass on your message or promote your business in a way that’s sure to get everyone’s attention. What’s more, you’ll have complete control over what your cakes look and taste like, so you’ll know they will be perfect for the day.

Corporate cakes are becoming a more popular option because businesses are realising the benefits they offer. From promoting your business, products and services in a unique way to showing your staff and customers just how appreciated they are, and making any event extra special, custom-made cakes are the perfect way to elevate your event and celebrate those milestones that make your business successful.

For your next corporate event, why not get in touch with the team at Cakes by Robin to discuss your requirements? From tiered cakes to cupcakes and dessert tables, our team can help you create the perfect cakes for the occasion.

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