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With the Great British Bake Off back on our screens, more of us are getting inspired to get in the kitchen and whip up delicious treats of our own. But if you’re new to baking, you might not have the right tools to make biscuits and cakes. Luckily, we’ve put together some handy baking tools to ensure you have everything you need to cook up a storm whenever inspiration strikes.

Mixing Bowl

You can’t whip up batters and cookie doughs without a bowl, so your first item for baking needs to be a good size mixing bowl. Mixing bowls come in a wide range of sizes and colours, so you can even choose a bowl that matches your kitchen aesthetic! Ideally, look for one that has a pouring spout on one side so that when you’re making birthday cakes or a batch of brownies, you can pour it easily into the tin without making a mess, ready for baking.

Cake Tins

You’ve made your batter, now it’s time to get it in the oven. A high-quality cake tin will make your bakes turn out much better, making sure that the cake is evenly baked and that you can get it out of the tin without breaking it when it’s time to decorate. You may want to get a selection of sizes, depending on the type of bakes you want to make – we recommend a 9-inch round tin for classic cakes, as well as a square tin for traybakes and brownies.

Cupcake Moulds

A cupcake will always go down well with your guests – they’re the perfect size for a light bite and they can be made in such a wide range of flavours. If you’re new to baking, they’re an easy cake to get started with, so we recommend adding some silicone cupcake moulds to your baking toolkit. Made from a flexible silicone, they’re reusable which cuts down on waste, and they can be put in the oven and the dishwasher which makes them incredibly convenient to use. You can even serve the cupcake still in its mould, so all that’s left to do is decorate and enjoy.

Cookie Sheet

If you’re not sure what to make, cookies are the perfect treat. Quick to make, with minimal ingredients, and on the table in next to no time, cookies and biscuits are a great starter bake for those new to baking and you can customise them with different flavours as your experience grows. A cookie sheet is a large flat sheet that gives you the room to bake several biscuits at once and will provide an even bake and a crisp surface to your biscuits.

Cake Toppers

Whether you’re testing your new skills with a lavish birthday cake, or you just want to add a special touch to your bakes, cake toppers are a great thing to have in your kitchen. They’re by no means an essential, of course, but they do make even the most basic of cakes look more impressive and they add a wonderfully creative touch that will wow your guests. Cake toppers come in a variety of styles, from numbers for those milestone birthdays to wedding toppers and fun designs for cupcakes.

You might have never set foot in the kitchen before or you might be just starting out on your baking journey and are inspired by the bakers on GBBO. But whatever your experience level, this equipment will be enough to get you started in making fantastic baked goods. From here, you can make a wide variety of sweet treats, from chocolate cakes and red velvet cupcakes to biscuits, cookies and more.

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