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Star Wars themed birthday cake - Millenium Falcon

Hooray for Hollywood with film-themed celebration cakes

Watching a film is one of the simplest pleasures of the modern era. Almost everyone enjoys watching a good film and with so many genres to choose from there really is something for all tastes. It’s sometimes a tough one deciding on a theme for a celebration party, or even just the theme for a special celebration cake. If you’re struggling to pin down an...
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alice-in-wonderland cakes on table

Curioser and curioser: a mad tea party with Alice in Wonderland

There’s no greater theme for a party than Alice in Wonderland. It’s definitely a license to go a little crazy and be extravagant. Whether for grown-ups or kids, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for any occasion will definitely make your celebration much, much more than a run-of-the mill get together. As well as a magnificent cake, a truly spectacular dessert table is a must if...
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woodland theme party inspiration

Children’s Woodland Party Inspiration

Every year as my daughter's birthday party approaches, I get a mixture of excitement and apprehension about what we are going to do. The main concern is whether I'll be able to persuade her not to have a Frozen themed party. I think she's growing out of it now as this didn't take as long as previous years! We decided on a Woodland Adventure Party...
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