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A bridal shower is a day to celebrate with the bride and her closest friends and loved ones before the big day. And while it may not be as elaborate or extravagant as the wedding day, it’s still nice to have some light bites and sweet treats to enjoy with a glass of wine. The bridal shower is typically arranged by the maid of honour or bridesmaids, and that includes choosing a cake that the bride herself and all the guests will enjoy.

From a cute cake topper to her favourite colours and flavours, there are various ways to make the bridal shower cake special and memorable. We’ve put together some ideas to inspire you and bring your bridal shower cake ideas to life.

Multi-flavour tiered cake

If the bride is a fan of all things glamour and opulence, a tiered bridal shower cake is the perfect choice. You could even choose different flavours of sponge and filling for each layer, so everyone has the opportunity to choose their favourite. She might prefer a neutral cake in pastels and a textured white base of buttercream icing, or maybe a bold and colourful cake is the right fit. Hand-painted buttercream brushstrokes are also a great way of adding colour in a subtle, creative way.

Individual miniature cakes

A miniature version of a full-sized cake is an adorable party favour to give to guests, so everyone has their own individual dessert to enjoy. From scaled down Victoria sponge cakes to rich chocolate cakes in the perfect portion size, or indulgent red velvet cakes encased in a tangy cream cheese icing, there are endless options for miniature cakes that are guaranteed to impress. We can also create gluten-free cakes if any member of your party has an intolerance, so all guests can enjoy the celebrations to the full.

A touch of blue

“Something blue” is a classic wedding custom, but you don’t need to wait until the big day to incorporate it – why not add it into the bridal shower theme as a nod to the tradition? A bold blue cake or pastel blue cupcakes can be a thoughtful nod to the theme of the day, whatever flavour or style of cake you choose.

Cake pops and cupcakes

Plate of cupcakes with flower decoration

If you’re planning a shower with games and activities, smaller bites that are easy to eat on the go are a good choice. Cake pops and cupcakes are an easy treat to snack on while playing games or chatting with other guests, and they are ideal for smaller showers where a large cake may be too much. A tower of crisp, light macarons is also a wonderful centrepiece for a Parisian-themed event, with various delicious flavours to choose from.

Creative cake toppers

Cake toppers make your cake unique and personalised, and they can be as subtle or bold as you want them to be. From monogrammed initials to the bride’s future surname or a sentimental ‘You + Me’ topper, there are many meaningful options you can choose that will add that special touch to any cake.

Fresh flowers

Whether the bridal shower cake is a surprise for the bride or not, fresh flowers always go down well and work with any theme. Choose their favourite bloom as the decorative topping for the cake, or create a unique bouquet of colourful flowers that will adorn the outside of the cake, paired with greenery to add a rustic touch.

At Cakes by Robin, we’re passionate about producing sumptuous cakes in a range of delicious flavours and styles. We’d love to create your perfect bridal shower cake for your event, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

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