Frightfully easy bakes with kids for Halloween


Halloween Cakes

Halloween is such a thrilling time of year for kids of all ages, full of dressing up and gathering sweets. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get your little ones into the kitchen to whip up some creepy-themed treats. From critter cupcakes to mummified brownies, baking can be a frightfully fun way to celebrate Halloween as a family.

While baking, they’ll be working on their culinary skills too, from measuring ingredients and following steps and icing cupcakes, all of which are great skills to nurture. In this blog post, we’ll share some easy recipes that you and your kids can make together in no time for the perfect Halloween feast.

Spooky Spider Cupcakes

One frightfully fun baking activity is to create some creepy spider cupcakes with the little ones. Start by baking a batch of your favourite vanilla or chocolate cupcakes and let them cool completely. Get the kids to mix up some black icing made from food colouring which will form the spider’s body. This can then be spread or piped onto each cooled cupcake.

Use mini sugar icing eyes or M&Ms to create the spider’s eyes, arranging them on the icing. Finally, give them some liquorice laces or strings to cut and stick into the cupcakes as spider legs wriggling out from the sides. The kids will love getting their hands messy decorating these creepy crawly treats. Set them up with their own bowls of icing and sweets for assembling the spiders and their imaginations will run wild.

Frankenstein Monster Crispy Treats

For your next spooky bake, create some Frankenstein monster treats – a fun no-bake recipe for little ones to get involved with. Start by dyeing some rice krispie cereal green using a few drops of food colouring, then melt some marshmallows with butter and a dash of vanilla until the mixture is smooth. Mix together with the dyed cereal and press the gooey green mixture into a rectangular baking pan to let it set.

Once hardened, cut into squares and you’ve got Frankenstein monster heads ready to decorate! Have the children use sweets like M&Ms, chocolate chips or raisins for the eyes and mouth. You can also pipe some white icing for the monster’s scars. The kids can let their creativity run wild decorating the faces with different expressions.

Mummy Brownie Bites

Mummy brownie bites are another easy Halloween treat that take barely any time to whip up. Prepare your favourite brownies and spoon it into a mini muffin tin to make small brownie cups. Bake until set, then let them cool completely before decorating.

Mix up some white icing or buttercream for the kids to pipe onto the tops of the brownies to create the mummy’s wrappings. You can also show them how to smooth it over the sides for a wrapped effect. Then give them fruit roll-ups or fruit leather to cut into strips which will form the mummy’s bandages. Have them wrap the strips over the iced brownie cups to create a spooky mummified look. The mini size makes them perfect for little hands and their creamy chocolatey taste will be a hit on the Halloween dessert table.

Mud Cups

For a creepy-crawly treat, whip up these mud cups with gummy worms that are sure to be a hit with little ones. Start by filling small clear plastic cups with chocolate or vanilla custard to create the “mud”, then have the kids sprinkle Oreo cookie crumbs or broken up chocolate cake over the top and pack them down to mimic dirt.

Press gummy worms, cut in half, into the dirt cups so they look like worms are crawling around in the muck. Add any other gummy bugs you like for extra creepy effect. These mucky mud cups make fun individual desserts to serve for a spooky Halloween party.

Ghost Marshmallow Pops

For a sweet treat older kids will enjoy making, try these homemade ghost marshmallow pops. Start by inserting lollipop sticks into large marshmallows, then melt some white chocolate to roll and dip the marshmallows in to coat them fully. While still sticky, roll the chocolate coated marshmallows in shredded coconut for a ghostly texture.

Once they’re set, use coloured icing or melted dark chocolate to create spooky ghost faces. You can also pipe on some chocolate mouths if desired. These ghoulish lollies are a nice hands-on project for kids and taste delicious too.


Get your little pumpkins into the Halloween spirit with surprisingly easy bakes. These simple recipes allow kids of all ages to roll up their sleeves and whip up creepy creations. At Cakes by Robin, we love to get creative with new ideas for beautifully decorated and imaginative bakes. Contact our team today for spectacular celebration cakes and dessert tables for your next event.

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