Lion King Cakes

You’d be hard-pushed to find anyone who doesn’t love The Lion King. Whether it be Simba, Nala or the notorious villain Scar, each character is as unique and well-known as they come, for both adults and children alike.

For Lion King and Lion Guard fans alike

If you’re looking for a custom-made Lion King cake to celebrate your loved ones’ big day, you’ve come to the right place. Just imagine the smile on your little one’s face as they open their eyes to see the gleaming smiles of Nala and Simba smiling back at them. Or picture their widening eyes as they stare in wonder at their very own handmade Pride Rock.

Whatever the Lion King cake design you’re after, we’re the team to help. With numerous years of experience to our name, we can guarantee you’ll be roaring with pride at our bespoke range of designs.

See your favourite characters brought to life with fondant – from the cheeky Rafiki to the even cheekier Timon and Pumbaa. Whatever your dream cake may be, we promise it’ll ‘mean no worries for the rest of your birth-days’. After all, that’s our problem-free philosophy, here at Cakes By Robin.

Work with us on a design for your Birthday Cake

Whether you’d rather have a transfer image design with a relevant decoration, a sugar model character, or a 3D sculpture of the Elephant’s Graveyard, we can create a wide variety of designs to both ‘wow’ and impress your little one and their friends.

The price of our cakes will depend on the type of design you choose – more complicated designs will come at a higher cost but we can provide you with a calculated quote in advance of starting the work.

All elements of the cake are produced by hand and priced according to the complexity of the design. Typically, having a cake produced to feed 15 – 20 people with a sugar character model on top will cost in the region of £115.

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To discover more about The Lion King cake designs we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today. We can provide you with a quote for any design you fancy – whether it be a one-tiered simple jungle landscape or a bespoke three-tiered recreation of the battle of Pride Rock.



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