Lego Brick Birthday Cake

With the Lego movie having come out in 2014, Lego cakes are proving very popular again. Lego has been one of the all-time favourite toys for generation after generation and this timeless toy makes for an amazingly colourful cake too. Whether you’d like a 3D Lego man or prefer the more obscure characters like Star wars Lego, we can make the perfect cake for you. The price of our cakes depends on the design you chose. All elements are made by hand and priced according to complexity. A cake to feed 15-20 portions with a sugar model of a character on top will be in the region of £145.

We can represent a Lego theme via a transfer image which we decorate around with edible Lego bricks, a sugar model of the characters or an all singing all dancing 3D Lego man (or woman!). Our cakes suit all budgets so if you have an idea or suggestion please get in touch to discuss and we can ensure your cake surpasses all expectations.




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