Cakes for Her – 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th Birthday Cakes

Whether it’s a birthday celebration for your wife, sister or mum, or you want to celebrate the special day of one of your friends, our range of cakes for women are the perfect addition to their day. We offer a wide range of cakes to suit all different tastes and themes, from floral cakes and elaborate patisserie cakes to novelty designs that are sure to grab their attention.

Our birthday cakes are custom-made to your exact specifications, so you can create a cake that you know they’ll love. From their favourite colours and flavour combinations to cake toppers that showcase their interests or hobbies, there are countless ways to design a birthday cake that is perfectly suited to the individual in question.

We’ve made numerous female-focused cakes for our clients over the years, from Wonder Woman and Vogue-inspired cakes to floral cakes, cupcake-shaped cakes and designs based on the birthday girl’s favourite animal. Whether we’re creating a cake for someone celebrating their 6th birthday or their 60th, we have design inspiration to suit all ages.

The team at Cakes by Robin can work with you to create a unique birthday cake that your friend or family member will love, with a wide range of flavours, sizes and shapes to choose from. We can also deliver to locations in and around London, or you can come and collect your custom birthday cake from our studio in southwest London.

The price of our cakes depends on the design – each element of the cake is handmade and priced depending on complexity. As a guide, a cake made to feed 15-20 portions with a sugar model character on the top will cost around £145.



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