Harry Potter Cakes

“I dreamed a giant called Hagrid came to tell me I was going to a school for wizards. When I open my eyes I’ll be at home in my cupboard.”

On waking “Harry scrambled to his feet, so happy he felt as though a large balloon was swelling inside him.” Hagrid was in fact asleep on the sofa and an owl was tapping on the window. It wasn’t a dream at all. Harry really was going to a school for wizards.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wizardry that is Harry Potter. We love bringing all that is magical alive in cake form, which is why we absolutely love making Harry Potter cakes.


We are so proud of the replica of King’s Cross station cake, which was commissioned to us and presented to JK Rowling on her birthday at midnight last year. It was a very special Harry Potter Birthday Cake indeed.

Rowling was apparently attached to the bustling station before she even wrote the Harry Potter books as her parents first met on a train there. She decided to use the iconic station as her gateway into the magical world of Hogwarts, and we knew she would absolutely love a cake embodying such a nostalgic and pivotal place.

We make it our mission to bring favourite characters and places to life in cake form. Creating eccentric cakes is what we do best and there’s no better theme for eccentricity than Harry Potter.

Your party guests will see your Harry Potter cake and go as crazy as the crowd did when Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup. Our delicious tasty cakes will look stupendous on any dessert table, be it Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff. For Harry Potter themed dessert tables we’ll delight you with wizard confectionery from canary cream cookies (we hope they don’t turn you into a canary) to chocolate frog cupcakes. Everything we make is as delicious to muggles as it is to squibs.




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