Wedding cakes with a difference


As makers of many a wedding cake, we are lucky enough to see and design all sorts of delicious cakes and sweet treats. Whilst I am a huge fan of pretty and vintage, ivory and pink and peonies and ruffles,  I love it when a bride and groom think outside the box and come up with something truely original and unique. This will often be based on their personalities or something unique to them as a couple and are great fun for us to make.

I always imagine the guests at the wedding seeing the cake and thinking how much it suits the couple’s personality. If you are keen to break the mold and want to stamp your own personality on your cake, check out some of the designs we’ve created. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a novelty cake although they often are. A naked cake at a really chilled out festival style wedding is just as much of a move away from iced traditional tiered numbers as something with sugar models of Batman and Robin on top. Anyway, get in touch to discuss what suits you and your partner. We’d love to hear from you.

One tier naked cake
Naked cake with mini naked cakes
Travel themed wedding cake
This couple loved travelling so themed their wedding cake around this. The suitcase had vintage travel stickers on them of all the places they have been to together
PG Tips themed cake
The couple who ordered this cake got married at Pinewood Studios and collect the PG Tips monkeys . We made these look like a bride and groom
Dragonfly dessert table
The couple who ordered this loved dragonflys and so themed their wedding around it
Train station wedding cake
The couple who ordered this got married at a former railway station which was actually the house of the groom’s Uncle so they had a train station themed wedding cake
Nautical wedding cake
A perfect cake for a boating themed wedding


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