Selfridges Toy Department Launch Cakes


Now if these cakes don’t reveal your inner child, we don’t know what will!

To celebrate the launch of the amazing new toy department in Selfridges, we were asked to create these brilliant cakes based on the retro children’s toys we all know and love!

These are chocolate fudge cakes (because what child doesn’t love chocolate fudge cake?) and measure up to 50cm tall. The cakes went to magazines like Grazia and GQ who both absolutely loved them, and they went down a storm when the pictures were posted on Twitter.

We have the cheeky little Lego man in his fun primary colours surrounded by the world’s most famous bricks, and our talkative friend the Furby, though we have a feeling this one won’t be as much of a chatterbox as his fluffier friends!

Then there’s every little girl’s favourite toy, My Little Pony, atop a cake featuring a whimsical rainbow, and last but not least the Fisher Price phone. You’d certainly want to give someone a call if you received one of these, wouldn’t you?!

We were extremely excited about this project, and judging by the reactions we’ve seen so far we weren’t the only ones!

Love Magazine described the My Little Pony cake as ‘Too pretty to eat’, but we’re sure everyone managed to find space for a little slice… and besides, after all that playing, what could be better than a delicious slice of cake?

If you like the look of these, take a look at our novelty cakes for more inspiration to see if anything else takes your fancy.




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