Quarantine Cake & Cupcake Collection


Incredible as it sounds, the world seems to have turned upside down over the past few days, and Cakes by Robin are one of many companies that have seen their business suffer as COVID-19 is spreading in the UK and beyond. We went from celebrating what looked like a great March to pretty much all events being postponed and no new bookings coming in – in just 5 days!

I have made the decision to protect the jobs of my team for as long as I possibly can. I am lucky to have 10 amazing team members who have helped me make Cakes by Robin what it is today. They’ve had to reduce their hours but I am determined that they will keep their jobs and we will get through this together somehow. How? By baking cakes, obviously – it’s what we do best.

Cakes - Quarantine.

Quarantine Cake Collection

We have launched a special collection of cakes that are perfect for a friend who is self-isolating, a god child who is stuck at home on their birthday or perhaps an older person who could really do with some TLC.

If you can’t pop in to see a friend right now, a FaceTime call with a cup of tea and a delicious slice of our cake might just be the next best thing.

6 inch cake (£55) serving 8-10 people

6 cupcakes (£20) or 12 cupcakes (£30)

Cupcakes - Quarantine .

Prices include delivery in Central London or local to us in the Wimbledon area (SW17, SW18, SW19). It goes without saying that we take hygiene extremely serious here at Cakes by Robin, so our delivery driver can drop the cake at the door, preserving the physical distance that is so important right now.

We won’t be making any money on these cakes, but they will help to pay our team’s wages and hopefully keep the cash reserve we have going for longer in order to protect their incomes.

So if you want to spread a little love with one of our special quarantine cakes or cupcakes, get in touch on 0208 874 4616 or email and send some positivity and virtual togetherness to a friend, family member or neighour in need.

We really appreciate your continued support.

3 Cakes - Quarantine.

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