Pantone themed party


Judging by the popularity of the Pantone Instagram account with 438k followers, colour inspiration is pretty big news. Les Enfants, party planners to the stars came up with the idea of having a Pantone themed party using different shades of blue. I have to admit that I was a little unsure how this was going to look as I was mixing about a million different blue colours into buttercream, cake mixture and royal icing but I think you’ll agree that it looks amazing and totally original.

Pantone party ideas
Using cookies, sweets, pin wheels, lollies and cupcakes in varying shades of blue creates a stunning visual display and would look amazing on a dessert table


Pantone party ideas

Pantone party inspiration
Loving the ombre cake slice. I think Oscar does too!


Pantone party ideas
The Birthday boy


Pantone party ideas
There are so many ways of tying in the party theme with straws at the cheaper end of the scale


Pantone party ideas
We don’t often get asked to make blue cakes but the ombre effect is so striking and works perfectly with the Pantone blue theme


Pantone party ideas

Everyone involved is listed below so get in touch with them if you’d like to discuss your own ideas:

Photography: Julia Boggio at Boggio Studios

Props and styling: Les Enfants

Cakes and Confection: Cakes by Robin

Art Direction: Hannah Coates from Zest of a Loganberry

Clothes Styling: Jo Sawkins

Hair and Makeup: Kaz Fernando

Models: Creative Kidz

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