Ideas For Customising A Cake


For a special occasion, one of the best ways to create a focal point for the evening is with a cake. While it’s easy enough to go to a supermarket and pick up a boxed cake, it can add to the sense of occasion if you get your cake customised by a specialist so that it looks and tastes the exact way you want it to. A good cake decorator will be able to do almost anything to create you the cake you’ve envisaged, and if you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve put together some of the ways you can craft something personal.

One of the easiest ways to make a cake your own is to change the colour of the icing. While white can be good for a wedding, it can make a real difference to go for a punchy pink for a little girl’s birthday or a pale yellow for an Easter family lunch. If you have a colour scheme for your evening, or are holding a corporate event, you can use the icing colour to brand your cake.

Beautiful Decorations

Another way to customise your cake is with icing-based decorations. Icing art has come a long way from the tired old sugar roses from old wedding cakes, and almost anything can be crafted out of sugar these days. Whether it’s a dragon or a stiletto you’re looking for, your cake decorator will be able to create pretty much any weird and wonderful design you come up with. Often the only limit to what is created is your own imagination and cakes can be as wonderfully elaborate as the idea and person behind them. There are lots of competitions these days dedicated to cake decorating, so people take their sugarcraft seriously!

Personalised Cakes

Experimenting with flavours can be a good way to personalise a cake. If you’re ordering a cake for someone else as a surprise, once they’ve got over the initial delight of the cake itself, it will be extra special when they realise you’ve incorporated their favourite flavour into the cake. This can be as simple as ordering a chocolate cake, or as subtle as adding some flower water or some ground nuts to the mixture. Different jams and buttercreams can also tweak the cake without any outrageous flavour overhaul and there are an amazing range of flavour combinations these days that see nothing short of a flavour sensation in the form of a cake on offer.

The shape of the cake is another great way to put your own stamp on it. These days, there is a massive range of cake moulds available, meaning your cake can take almost any form, or the cake can be ‘carved’ into something more suitable. Sponge is a very flexible base for weird and wacky shapes and with a careful hand and an eye for detail behind them you could expect gravity defying cakes that will leave you baffled as to how they manage to stand upright! So whether you have a more traditional shaped layer cake in mind or a mini replica of a favourite character or even a whole parade of them, a professional cake creator can amaze you with options and possibilities.

Experiment With Layers

Experimenting with layers can also be a fun way to add a new dimension to a cake: tiers don’t just have to be for wedding cakes, and a tiered birthday cake can look great with sugar flowers tumbling over the sides, or with each tier a different colour or flavour. Or maybe you could even opt for a cake with accompanying cupcakes to complement the main cake or even go for the whole hog and have a custom dessert table. After all, if you’re going to customise the cake you may as well leave your guests talking about your cake for the rest of the night, week and beyond!

Whatever you want, if you need inspiration or help narrowing down your ideas, the team at Cakes by Robin can help. With years of experience and an extensive portfolio, cakes are our business!

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