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Just like the brilliant kids’ computer game, there are as many endless possibilities when it comes to our bespoke Minecraft cakes. There’s no one way to play Minecraft and there are no rules with our cakes. We love a blank canvas in the Cake Parlour and are always excited to create cakes with a personal story behind them.

Why not have a birthday cake to represent your child’s (or adult’s) favourite Minecraft adventure? We have the cake resources to build whatever Minecraft cake you can imagine.

Worried about our Minecraft knowledge? Well we are big fans in the Cakes by Robin cake parlour. Here are a few of our Minecraft survival tips for beginners:

Seed planting: the easiest way to plant seeds is to put the seeds in your offhand and then have your hoe in your main hand. To plant, right click. Make sure you’ve placed farmland near a water source.

Keep a decent amount of torches: to avoid getting trapped in the dark, and to break sand or gravel without a shovel (break the lowest sand or gravel block and place a torch in its place).

Know where you are: location in Minecraft is key – before you run off anywhere be clear about your location. Look to the sun for guidance – the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. So, if you run away from the sun as it rises, you are heading east. If that feels too complicated, create a map so you can chart the places you go to and use as a reference later on.

Concentrate mining in the ‘Extreme Hills’ biome: here you’ll find the only one spawn emerald ore, which can be exchanged for goods. To check which biome you are in, press F3.

Breed cows, not pigs: while both equate to the same when it comes to restoring hunger, cows also provide milk and leather.

Dig staircase mines: if you break the block directly underneath you, there’s a danger you’ll fall into a pit of lava. Staircase digging is a safer way to mine.

Milk cures potion poison: if you have a poison potion on you, drinking a bucket of milk will get rid of it.

Oh and (not a survival tip, but a good tip for beginners) Don’t forget depth! Minecraft is 3D. You don’t just have to build boring block houses. Add interest with indentations and extruding blocks. They look so much more interesting, just like our Minecraft cakes!

Minecraft birthday cakes image - Steve and Creeper Mob

Bespoke Minecraft Birthday Cake Design in London

So, back to cakes. Why not let us build you a brilliant Minecraft cake for your son or daughter’s next birthday? We can bring the Minefield virtual landscape alive in beautifully formed blocks of cake with toppers representing Minecraft Steve, Minecraft Alex, Creeper, Blaze, Skeleton, Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Silverfish, Snow Gollems, Endermen, The Wither, or any of the other hostile or passive mobs you’d like to see on your cake. Tell us your favourite Minecraft tropes and we’ll bring them to life in cake form.

Simply get in touch and we’ll get our Minecrafters to work on a delicious cake to wow your little Minecraft fan.

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