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A Moana birthday cake from Cakes by Robin is the perfect way to celebrate your little one’s growing independence. If you’re courageous little one is mad on Moana, Maui, the Kakmura pirates, the giant crab, Tamatoa, or Moana’s halfwitted chicken, Heihei, we can bring your child’s favourite Moana character to life in cake form.

The action-packed Disney animation hit our screens in 2016 and we’ve loved our Moana cake quests ever since. Just as Moana approaches new experiences with bravery and determination, we apply the same principles to our cake adventures. Filled with sacred ingredients, our Moana cakes are just as fabulous and tasty on the inside as they are a sight to behold.

Our Moana dessert tables are a great way to ensure every favourite character makes an appearance at any special birthday party. Kakmura pirate cupcakes, baby sea turtle and Tamatoa crab cookies and Heihei cake pops are the perfect accompaniment to a Moana and Maui cake.

Your party guests will need to master their navigation skills, get past the reef, and Te Kā to return the heart of Te Fiti and reach the cake. Only then can they blow out the fire (candles) of the lava demon and save the day. After such an adventure, it will be the perfect time to sing happy birthday, cheer and enjoy a yummy slice of Moana cake.

Take a look at some of the Moana cakes we’ve been asked to create so far. We love a challenge so take inspiration from our past creations or dream up a new cake adventure of your own. We handmake all of our cakes to your exact specifications. We have a fabulous selection of flavours and fillings to choose from to ensure your Moana cake is a delicious treat.

With Cakes by Robin, you can be sure your birthday party cakes and sweet treats are every bit as memorable as the Moana film and soundtrack. Why not make your little Moana fan’s next birthday a triumph with a Moana cake from Cakes by Robin?

We promise to make it Shiny, like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck (we love Tamatoa’s song, so couldn’t resist sharing a few lyrics). We promise to play the soundtrack while we bake. It’s how far we’ll go to get the Moana cake filled with awesome Moana spirit.

Contact our inspirational cake team now to discuss the fine details of your Moana birthday cake surprise. Your own little master wayfinder will be delighted.

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