Corporate cakes are amazing PR tools


We often get asked to make corporate cakes for lots of different celebration worthy occasions including anniversaries, the opening of new buildings and product launches. Cakes are a fantastic tool to use as they can feature anything and tend to draw a crowd with even the simplest design as let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a slice of cake! We’ve made all sorts of weird and wonderful creations but as well as the actual cake designs, I wanted to highlight the social media PR reach that can be achieved using cakes (ours in particular obvs!).

Twitter and Instagram have huge power to promote brands when targeting those with large followings so I thought I’d do a case study of a recent press drop that we did to show how fantastic they can be for brands:

A film promotion company got in touch with us about the launch of a TV series onto DVD and Blu-ray for one of their clients. They asked us to sketch out a design which we did and their client then signed off the creation of 8 of them. We got cracking!

The cakes were made and sent to the company who arranged the press drop to 8 of their targeted recipients with large relevant Twitter and Instagram followings. There needs to be a serious wow factor with the cake to ensure that the recipients do tweet and Instagram it and I am pleased to say that these cakes were exceptionally well received. The combined number of followers of those who tweeted and Instagrammed the cakes was over 1.2m people. That is a seriously good response!

Get in touch with your corporate cake requests and take a look at the gallery on our website to inspire you further. FYI not all cakes need to be as gory!


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