Cakes that move!


At Cakes by Robin, we love to make showstopping cakes that don’t just taste great, but look fantastic too. Our brilliant cake designers are always looking for ways to make you say wow, and what better way to show off than a cake that moves?

We’ve recently made a few of these fascinating cakes, each with their own special twist worked into the design to give it that extra special touch of movement. Check out this pirouetting ice skate that we made as part of a cool children’s birthday cake design:

We also made a tank themed birthday cake, complete with a rotating gun turret and a sugar model army man:

Is there a Pokémon fan in your life? Take a look at another of our super cool moving cakes. This one features the fan favourite, Pikachu, smiling on top of a slowly spinning Pokéball:

Like what you see? (We hope you do!) Why not think about getting a moving birthday cake that will really fascinate your little one? Of course, our moving cakes are a perfect treat for adults too. If you’ve got a theme in mind, just let us know! We love a challenge, and have made plenty of elaborate and delicious cakes over the years for a whole range of occasions including birthdays, weddings and more! If you’ve got an idea in mind, we’d love to hear it. Get in touch with us today.

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