A day in the life


So quite often my friends and family ask how an average day pans out for me these days. I should explain that a year ago I was working as a Private Banker at an Icelandic investment bank whilst making and decorating wedding cakes for friends and family in my spare time. A lot has changed since then. I was made redundant when my bank went bust but strangely almost immediately felt a sense of relief. I think I was a little bored of sales targets and having to be exceptionally pleasant to not very nice people so I decided to set up a wedding cake company. I have noticed everyone is very friendly in the wedding world. People put kisses at the bottom of emails and you are always meeting people as they are at their happiest. It must be all the sugar they are consuming from the yummy cupcakes.

The slightly unconventional move from banker to baker is why people still ask me, one year on, what my average day looks like.

So, for all those who are interested, Monday 21st September looked like this!

I woke up at about 8.15 and started soaking some fruit in brandy for a wedding cake I have coming up. Tip:You should really soak the fruit for a good 12 hours or preferably overnight before making the cake so the raisins and currants get plump and juicy again.

I then spent the morning trying to decipher accounting procedure (the less glamorous side of running a business) before being interviewed by the Guardian for a special feature on good news stories that have come out of the recession and its associated redundancies. It’s quite fun chatting about yourself and good for business when it gets published. It was really nice because it was actually an old client of mine who put me forward for the story in the Guardian. Got to send her a cake to say thank you.

I spent about an hour chatting to my lovely website lady on skype. She is based in Marbella but does everything remotely and is brilliant. She is the reason why I am blogging. With my severe technical phobias, she has to explain everything very slowly and quite frequently. Patience of a saint. Anyway, if anyone want to have a website built (not just cake related) that is great for being found on Google, i.e. for SEO, get in touch with Alana. We met again at our 10 year school reunion-definitely worth attending that.

Now it’s 5.30 and the bottom tier of this weekend’s wedding cake is ready to come out of the oven. Over and out!

Robin x

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