Animal birthday cakes


Animal cakes are becoming more and more popular and we can cater to almost any request. Cute and cuddly, realistic or cartoon, fierce and scary, life size (big or small!) and everything in between. We’ve made Puffins and Penguins, Monkeys and Meercats and Dinosaurs and dogs. It is often a child being obsessed with a certain creature but we do get requests from adults who love certain animals so much that they get their cake made into it. Whatever floats your boat is good for us! Here are a few that spring to mind as fun examples:

Cartoon monkey birthday cake
Cartoon monkey
Dolphin cake
Girly dolphin cake
Puffin birthday cake
Has a bird landed on my cake? No it’s a very realistic sugar model
Flamingo birthday cake
Tropical flamingos
Lion birthday cake
3D Realistic Lion cake
Monkey birthday cake
3D monkey eating bananas £195
Relaistic bear cake
Bear buddies
Horse birthday cake
Sugar model horses in a field
Meer cat birthday cake
Meercat model
Realistic rhino birthday cake
Realistic rhino model




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